China's first BDO Industrial Technology Innovation Center was formally established in Wuhai's Wuda Industrial Park

Sep 06, 2023

The establishment of China's first BDO Industrial Technology Innovation Center is a major initiative taken by Wuhai City to implement the "Science and Technology Revitalizes Inner Mongolia" action, aiming to enhance scientific and technological innovation capabilities, break through the downstream application bottlenecks of the BDO industry, and build a first-class global innovation ecology and industrial ecology for the BDO industry. After the establishment of the BDO Industrial Technology Innovation Center, it will focus on innovation and research in the utilization of BDO products in industrial and daily production, acetylene chemical industry, bio-based materials, environmentally friendly high-polymer materials, hydrogen equipment manufacturing, and other fields. Wuhai City will adhere to a high positioning, high standard construction, accelerate the integration of engineering research centers, enterprise technology centers, and other innovative forces, establish flexible development and mutually beneficial operating mechanisms, and jointly promote key technology research and development, technology transfer and application, and strive to create an innovation chain, industrial chain, and value chain that deeply integrate production, education, research, and utilization, and enhance the BDO industry's technology level and core competitiveness.

In recent years, Wuhai City has actively served the construction of important national energy and strategic resource bases, and accurately seized the policy opportunity of the autonomous region to support the construction of the coal-based biodegradable material industry base in Wuhai. Relying on the endowment of 20 billion tons of limestone resources, the city has built on the strong industrial foundation of 5.3 million tons of calcium carbide production capacity, 17.63 million tons of coke capacity, and a large amount of coke oven gas that can be efficiently utilized. Efforts have been made to establish supply chains, extend value chains, fill gaps, and strengthen chains. Four billion-yuan projects, including Huaheng and Sanwei, have been introduced, and the world's largest single-unit BDO production base has been built. It is estimated that by 2025, the BDO capacity will reach over 2.5 million tons/year, accounting for more than 20% of the national total, making it the largest integrated BDO production base in the world.

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