Compact-siro spun and siro-spun yarn

Jul 28, 2023

In the first half of the year, the prices of high-count yarns (40 or above) have risen, demonstrating excellent performance. The main reasons are the poor market conditions in the previous years, competition from substitute vortex-spun yarns, factory losses, and inventory pressure, which led to production reduction and conversion. The decline in supply coincided with a sudden surge in demand in the previous months, resulting in exceptionally high demand. A similar situation can be observed in recent months with high-twist yarns. Insufficient stock levels at various stages, combined with low production efficiency and the inability of supply to keep up has led to supply shortage when orders are released. Although sales have gradually slowed down in the mid-year, the low inventory foundation provides companies with more buffer space for the future.

Ring-spun yarn
Ring-spun yarn
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