Major export destinations

Sep 06, 2023

Spandex were exported to 101 nations or regions in Jan-Jun, 2023, up by 7 on annual basis. Turkey sustained the biggest export destination, followed by Vietnam and Egypt. South Korea was the fourth biggest export market. The proportion of the top four nations amounted to 48.9% of the total.

Vietnam, Japan and UK were net importers of spandex in H1 2023. Import and export of spandex to Vietnam were both large in H1 2023. The net import of spandex from Vietnam was at 9436 tons. With high inflation in Europe and US and insufficient orders of textiles and apparels, Hyosung Vietnam exported more spandex to China. Imports of spandex from Vietnam amounted to 15.2kt in H1 2023, up by 162% on the year, accounting for 74.4% of total spandex import in Chinese mainland. Import unit price of spandex from Vietnam was at US$4.171/kg. In H1 2023, Vietnam was the second biggest export market for spandex, with volume at 5743 tons, up by 134.5% on annual basis, taking up 16.2% of the total spandex export in Chinese mainland. The export unit price of spandex to Vietnam was at US$4.792/kg.

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