PTMEG is an important synthetic fiber raw material

Sep 06, 2023

PTMEG (Polytetramethylene Ether Glycol), is an important synthetic fiber raw material that is widely used in the fields of textile, medical, construction, and more. However, the production of PTMEG has been lacking in Wuhai City. To fill this gap, the Low-carbon Industrial Park actively introduced Huaheng Energy Technology Co., Ltd. as a well-known domestic enterprise.

Over two years, Huaheng Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has invested in and constructed a new material industrial chain integrated project, including the production of calcium carbide, BDO, PTMEG, and PBAT.

On August 7, they organized a trial production evaluation meeting for the PTMEG-4 unit and related auxiliary facilities. During the meeting, the expert put forward improvement suggestions including maintaining stable equipment operation and ensuring safety during production. Huaheng Company attached great importance to these suggestions and immediately organized relevant technical personnel for rectification. Currently, the company has successfully completed the rectification and obtained confirmation and signature, indicating that the PTMEG-4 unit and its auxiliary facilities of Huaheng Company have met the requirements for trial production and can be formally put into trial production.

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