Recycled PSF market waits for peak season

Sep 26, 2023

In mid-Aug, downstream market has not improved yet. Some distributors in Nantong even claim that the situation is worse than in Jul. It seems that this year hasn't been going too well. Looking at the Dieshiqiao Home Textiles Index, the trend is indeed alarming, especially the Prosperity Index, which has been consistently declining. The market is normally improved somewhat in Jul, but this year, the index has set five-year new low. The Purchasing Managers' Index has shown some slight improvement, but it still remains at the lowest level in nearly five years.

In Jul 2023, the Dieshiqiao Home Textiles Prosperity Index was 91 points, a decrease of 1.1% compared to the previous month. Among then, the 50 Business Index was 100 points, a decrease of 2.9%; the Production Prosperity Index was 92 points, a decrease of 2.1%; the 50 Producer Index was 96 points, a decrease of 2.0%; the Market Prosperity Index was 93 points, a decrease of 1.1%; and the Purchasing Managers' Index was 96 points, an increase of 3.2%.

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