US and Japan, the insistence of net importing countries

Oct 08, 2023

According to current statistics, the demand for PET bottle chip in Japan is around 900,000 to 1 million metric tons, and over 90% of it needs to be imported from abroad. Of this, approximately 200,000 metric tons are used for heat-resistant PET food and beverage containers (without antimony catalyst), and local Japanese factories can supply around 100,000 metric tons. The main suppliers are domestic companies like Mitsui and Mitsubishi, while the remaining portion mainly comes from mainland China and Taiwan. Additionally, over half of the demand comes from the production of bottled drinking water and beverages, and a quarter comes from the production of sheet products. After imposing anti-dumping tariffs on PET bottle chip produced in China, Japanese downstream manufacturing companies were initially forced to purchase raw materials at prices about 50% higher than those in China. However, due to political reasons and other factors, Japan has maintained the anti-dumping tariffs on China after five years of implementation.

China's exports of PET bottle chip reached around 4.52 million tons
As for Brazil and Mexico, they have chosen to follow suit

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