About Us

Wuxi Longshine was established in 2003. It’s located in Wuxi city, which is just about 40 minutes by high-speed train from Shanghai.The main products are textile materials including fibers , yarns, fabrics and etc. Fibers are for spinning, padding and nonwovens; yarns for knitting or weaving denim ,sweaters and fabrics are for garments and its accessories. In a word, we are the expert of textile material supply chain.


Our Advantage

High-quality raw materials

High production efficiency

Environmental protection and energy conservation

Complete quality control system


Environmental protection and energy conservation

Textile raw material supply chain factories can achieve maximum utilization of resources and environmental protection through optimized process flows, introduction of advanced technological equipment, and use of environmentally friendly materials. Measures such as recycling and reusing waste raw materials can also reduce pollution to the environment.

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