TMAS to focus on customer service, innovation at ITMA Sweater Yarn for Knitting Machine
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TMAS to focus on customer service, innovation at ITMA Sweater Yarn for Knitting Machine

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TMAS, the Swedish texile machinery manufacturers’ association, will focus on customer service aligned with the drive to constantly innovate at ITMA beginning from June 20 in Spain. Talking about Industry 4.0, the week-long exhibition will be the place for concrete solutions as to how data and the new tools we have available can be exploited to the full.

“All of the Swedish textile machinery companies are doing really well in major markets such as Europe, China, India and the US,” said TMAS secretary general Therese Premler-Andersson. “They are now gathering forces to prepare for the most important show – ITMA 2019 in Barcelona in June. I expect to see new players and partnerships as we enter the industry 4.0 era for real. We are ready to display an even higher degree of the real time monitoring of processes, automation, flexible customisation, and the incorporation of robots into production lines. Our customers expect a lot of in terms of knowledge and our ability to customise and offer turnkey solutions.”

As a member of TMAS, Svegea will also be at the textile machinery exhibition. Svegea of Sweden was founded around the same time as Arville, and now has over 60 years of experience in exclusively designing, manufacturing and installing the highest quality collarette and band cutting machines, as well as other specialised systems such as the new installation at Arville.

“This is a much bigger and wider bias cutter than we usually supply, but it’s a good example of the number of specialised machines we are now installing in Europe where we are definitely experiencing a boom,” adds Hakan Steene, managing director of Svegea. “Even in our traditional area of collarette machines for apparel making up, Industry 4.0 is seeing new business arise in developed markets where for many years it has been uncompetitive.”

“Svegea continues to find major niche markets for its advanced cutting systems which go way beyond their original intended purpose,” added Premler-Andersson. “The company is a great example of the TMAS attitude of being always open to new ideas and applying fresh thinking based on many years of engineering know-how.”

Meanwhile, ITMA will also see the launch of TexCoat G4 – the next generation of Baldwin Technology’s non-contact precision application system for fabric finishing. The TexCoat G4 enables a continuously high-quality and productive textile finishing process with zero chemistry waste and minimised water and energy consumption.

The non-contact spray technology brings a range of advantages including single or double-sided application,  the elimination of Foulard bath contamination, low wet pick-up levels leading to the elimination of drying steps, zero chemistry waste in changeovers of chemistry, colour or fabric, and the possibility of batch reporting, visibility of pad loading, chemical usage etc.

"We are immensely proud to be launching the TexCoat G4 at ITMA 2019,” says Eric Norling, Baldwin’s segment leader for precision application technology. “This is an opportunity to assess innovation-enhancing productivity, while saving valuable resources and contributing to a sustainable future. The TexCoat G4 can process a wide range of low-viscosity water-based chemicals, such as water-repellents, softeners, anti-microbial and more.”

"There is already much more networking between the companies, with software very much the enabler and common interfaces bringing ideas closer together. We are greatly looking forward to further exchanges of ideas when meeting with customers old and new in Barcelona," concluded Premler-Andersson.